Dog Bite

Renee L

The victim got a settlement even though it was initially unclear who would have the money to pay the claim. A young women came to me who had been bitten by a dog. She worked as a subcontractor collecting donations that were left at doors of residents. The client went to the wrong door and a dog attacked her and bit her leg. The owner of the dog was the ne’er-do-well son of the multiunit rental property owner. The son had no insurance and the insurance for the property owner took no responsibility for the dog. With research on the property and its owner, I found that the property owner had won the lottery and a law firm handled all her affairs.

Fair Settlement

Truck Accident

William P

We received all of the $100,000 policy limits and examined whether to seek more. The gentleman from the Greatest Generation became a client after being hit by a truck while walking across the street during his daily exercise. The truck’s insurance limits were the same as the client’s so he had no underinsured coverage to access. However, research showed the truck’s driver owned a home and we could estimate how much equity might be available.


Right of Way

Keith D.

We received a good settlement even with questionable liability. The client passed a vehicle on the right while moving his motorcycle through an intersection. The client had just driven under a sign stating “No passing on the right.” However, on the other side of the intersection, there were two lanes. I argued my client had the right of way to proceed to pass on the right once he entered the intersection in order to enter the right lane on the other side. There were already waiting for vehicles lined up for the left lane so that a path was clear to go to the right lane.

Settlement Reached

Motorcycle Accident

Stephen L.

A client's leg was broken in a motorcycle accident.


Premises Liability

Pamela M.

Not only did we get compensation for the client, we change the dangerous practice of a local shopping center. My client walked in a parking lot toward the store she intended to visit when she unexpectedly stepped on an out-of-place stone on the pavement The stone and many others had been displaced from a traffic island into the path of my client. Maybe there were kick intentionally or maybe the mess was left over from winter plowing. When her foot landed on the stone she twisted her ankle and fell to the ground. She caught her fall with her hand which cause a fracture of her wrist. Thankfully her injury recovery was smooth.


Felony Theft Charge

Patricia T.

The client was charged with Felony Theft by Unauthorized Taking when the President of her cat club accused her of taking thousands of dollars while acting a Treasurer. By examining all the records of their local cat club and deposing the accuser, I was able to show the money lost over eight years was due to declining revenue at their cat competitions. The client had used and reimbursed the local cat club’s credit card.

Misdemeanor & Donation

Felony Criminal Threatening with a Firearm

Francis N.

Client charged with Felony Criminal Threatening with a Firearm. His son who lived in the basement called the police and claimed that the client had fired a gun and told him to get out. In front of the judge, I was able to attack the credibility of the witness.

Case Dismissed