Credit Repaired

We were able to save my house and deal with my creditors to the satisfaction of all. As a Vietnam Era military pilot I think, like an aircraft landing, a bankruptcy one can walk away from with dignity is a good one. Going forward, I have repaired my credit and now have a good score with the three largest credit-reporting agencies.

-Richard C.

Caring & Thoughtful

I had an awesome experience with Dennis. He has a sense of humor and is caring and thoughtful. He explained things thoroughly and I learned a lot. He is patient, which is important because I have ADHD.

-Debra G.

Saved Us Thousands

Dennis was quick and thorough in settling the claim. He caught a mistake in the Medicare lien that saved us thousands of dollars. The incorrect lien amount was triple the correct amount. We got the policy limit from the guy who hit me plus thousands more from our policy because of Dennis.

-Eric and Bonita W.

Delivers Good Results

I was confident he could handle our case because he was a prosecutor for 6 years. He surprised us when he was able to get exactly the result we hoped for and as quickly as we needed.

-Steve A.